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    "Big Ride"

    By Christi Turner April 2017 Somehow I’m at a point in my life as a cyclist that I often have people ask me things like, “how do you ride for so long?” or “how did you make it all...

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    Eating While Pedaling
    Eating While Pedaling

    By Christi March 2017 Christi Turner If you read my last entry, you may recall that as of last month, I’ve been vegan 16 years (eek!). Throughout that time, I’ve tried to eat a balanced, nutritious, organic-as-possible diet – whole grains, vegetables,...

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    "Happy Birthday, Bicycle"

    By Christi February 2017 Christi Turner Today I turned 35, my life as a vegan turned 16, and my bicycle turned two. And today was, undoubtedly, a fantastic birthday: it started with a spin and by 1 pm I was having...

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